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Intelligent space management

At Cloudbooking we love sensor technology. Motion sensors in meeting rooms can improve a room’s efficiency by providing live information on the room's occupancy. If nobody shows up then the booking can be cancelled automatically. If meetings end early, rooms can be immediately made available.
You can also apply this technology to desks and show live availability on a screen and on the Cloudbooking app.


Companies have a perception that their room utilisation is around 60%


Source: FM World

In reality the average is around 38%

"It’s so powerful to be able to see desk usage updated in real time throughout the day."

The ultimate tool for any
facilities manager

Our clever little Bluetooth beacons can be integrated into our core solutions giving you the ability to check room and desk availability across your estate in real-time, space usage information combined with future booked usage to give a more accurate picture of usage.

Key features

See at a glance what desks are available in each building based on live data.

Improve room and desk efficiency by terminating bookings automatically once the room has been empty for a specified period.

Track occupancy with real-time analytics.