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All your building services connected

Cloudbooking products can be combined with business and building management software systems to create an intelligently customised product. Our expanding list of APIs allows us to fully integrate with many third party systems to link everything from accounts and video conferencing software to a single sign-on for secure and efficient access from a single interface.

“Great back end integration, delivered on time via solid API’s… our users love it; thanks!"

Already have Microsoft Outlook or Office 365? Then why not make the most of what you already have and turn them into a booking tool to help you book rooms, catering and more with our Microsoft Outlook Add-In. And if you need a customised plug-in, we'll build one for you.

Also coming soon for Google Calendar and Gmail.

Key features

No additional logons, book direct within Outlook or 365.

Little or no training required.

If we don’t offer the solution you need then talk to us about customisation.