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Track, monitor & review with live data

CB Analytics provides a range of automatic and customised management information reports each month, either from our automated dashboard or direct from our support team, featuring key management information statistics.

"Detailed reporting at our fingertips has helped us maximise the way we use our available space"

We understand the need for all our clients to have access to detailed and thorough management information and our skilled team of experts work with each client to provide intelligent and customised business reporting.

Measure and improve your workspace, resources and hospitality and reduce high operation costs using accurate, detailed data which can be customised with your company branding.

Select from a whole host of live information available at your fingertips including occupancy usage for each room/desk/building, track usage, hospitality costs and monitor no shows - Are you using your workspace affectively and maximising its potential?

Key features

Live data available at your fingertips.

Comes as standard with all of our Services and Solutions.

Download straight to Excel or PDF.