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We offer:

Meeting room booking the way you want – web, mobile or at the door.


Our online meeting room booking system allows you to book your ideal meeting room on your mobile, tablet or at the door. You can search via room size, location and resources required or use our ‘Quick Book’ feature, which will find you a suitable room in one click. You can see a photograph of the room, alternative layouts and the equipment in the room. You can search across your entire estate or at a single location, and everything is tailored to suit you.


You can maximise your workspace usage, lower operational and real estate costs and create an altogether more harmonious work environment and, if you need a more customised solution, we’ll build one for you. Cloudbooking analytics are available on all our products, enabling you to make key business decisions based on accurate data.


Desk booking software that let’s you book the way you want – web, mobile or at the desk.


Flexible working is nothing new nowadays and has completely changed the way we work. With our desk booking technology, people and spaces can work smarter. Flexible working can significantly lower any building’s operational and real estate costs as well as reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to a better employee work/life balance.
Our simple and efficient desk booking software enables employees to make instant bookings based on real-time availability and even find colleagues and book a desk next to them. The live screen identifies availability at all times and appears on our mobile app too.


Our seamless visitor management software simplifies the process of managing meeting attendees and site visitors for your reception teams and employees. Our solution allows users to book visitors either as part of a meeting room booking or as a general visitor to the building linked to a specific host.


CB Reception enables your booking host and reception teams to send invitations to all attendees and keep them fully up-to-date on time or date changes in a matter of seconds; visitor information can be added or amended at any time, visitor passes can be printed in an instant and reception can notify the host upon their guest’s arrival using SMS, email or telephone.


Our fully comprehensive visitor management software can either be delivered as a stand-alone solution for shared offices and multi-tenanted buildings, or fully integrated into the CB Portal, giving reception teams, tenants and employees an easy way to manage visitors in a sleek and professional manner.

Our room booking software can show all the resources available in each of the rooms and we can also display shared equipment that is available at each location on a meeting by meeting basis, enabling your employees to also place orders for shared resources along with their meeting rooms.


All resources come with their own set of rules defined by the client, such as notice periods and automated availability cut-off times. If an order is amended the system will automatically update the porters work summary for the following day.

Hospitality and refreshments can be delivered to your meeting room via a few simple steps. Select from a range of personalised menus, all of which can be subject to rules defined by the catering provider and client.


Our fully comprehensive hospitality management software can either be delivered as a stand-alone solution or fully integrated into the CB Portal. Simply choose which platform best suits your business and get ready to see how we can improve efficiency and significantly reduce costs using our seamless web-based solution.


Cloudbooking can track the cost of hospitality using clients respective cost codes/departments or teams, which are then verified and billed against a central list of cost codes, which can be regularly updated upon request from our clients. Using this important data, clients and catering providers can manage menus, stock levels and overall hospitality expenditure by division, team and site. With this you can guarantee that critical business decisions can be based on true facts and figures, helping you to generate significant savings as well as offering your users a simple way to book all their hospitality needs.


Menus can be available based on time criteria IE, breakfast, lunch and seasonal specials. Notice periods can also be easily configured to suit the supplier and orders can then be printed off by the catering team after the agreed cut-off time.

The Cloudbooking car parking system can enable you to manage parking spaces for your staff and visitors, helping you avoid any inconvenience for your guests by reserving spaces as and when required.  Powerful yet user-friendly, Cloudbooking’s car parking management system is perfect for daily use or for long term parking management.